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Read up on my Assets, Tech Demos, Tutorials and other helpful stuff regarding programming in C# and Unity.

Published Unity Assets

I currently have three published Assets in Unity’s Asset Store, by clicking the links down below you can read their specification aswell as their full documentation. You’ll find demo’s aswell!

A simple state machine to record one or several objects position and rotation for a set amount of time and replay them afterwards.

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Milkid Animal AI is an all-in-one solution for realistic mood-driven animal agent behaviour in Unity. This package uses finite state machines to mimic animalistic behaviour depending on mood, which is driven by vital and environmental factors. This asset comes with a built-in pooling/spawning solution.

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Realistic weather system that considers the length of the year and changes the weather randomly according to the set up seasons.

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GitHub Publications:

C# Behavior Tree Library:

A simple way to implement Behavior Trees in your Unity Project.

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Jelly Mesh Deformation:

I actually thought Unity would offer a solution for soft bodies/jellies, but I was wrong about that – clearly, there are 1001 Assets for that on the Asset Store but I am not really the kind of person who just will buy-in on an easy solution – so there I went off and made my own.

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Procedural Terrain Generation:

Generate a Terrain in code.

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Procedural Sky with Time of Day:

This is a simple tech demo for creating a day and night cycle with adjusting sky, light, atmosphere and fog.

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Guides & Stuff:

Read up on guides and other basic knowledge I have collected and decided to share here.

From being self-taught to working professionally

A short summary on how i got hired as a professional game dev after being completely self-taught.

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Unity Managed Update()

Improving performance by managing Unitys Update() function.

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Performance Optimization in Unity

Read up on how to improve performance in Unity with simple changes.

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Multi-Threading in Unity

Read this guide to get a basic understanding of multi-threading and how to implement it into your Unity project.

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I am mylky, the infamous creator of this website and whatever you can find on here. I am a self-taught, professional game developer for AnotherPlaceProductions, a Unity Asset Store Publisher and an avid AI-Enthusiast.

I wasted a few years of my life studying psychology before realizing that my heart belongs to C#. I started this website to show off the stuff I make in my rather rare spare time and because Unity wants you to have a Portfolio before they publish your Assets :-). I am 27-years old, have a bad-ass attitude, do carry a pair of boobs around and live in London, UK. If you want to contact me anyways – tweet me @itsMilkid !